4th Joint Symposium of KMUTT and TUT

Rebooting of Media Science - redesign research and educational agenda -

IT technology has been progressing rapidly and altered since our department was founded as proposing an interdisciplinary research area for dealing the complicated problems of modern world. Technological trends such like AI, VR, AR, Drone, Cloud and Wearable computing had brought novel approaches and changed a lot of research agendas ever since. In addition, a concept of SDG is now considered as an important issue in many research fields. In such a situation, we felt a need to redefine the role and educational agenda in media science in a new perspective. We would like to gather and discuss what we would design our researches and educations.


東京工科大学 八王子キャンパス 片柳研究所5階 メディア・テクノロジー・センター